Tilt Hybrid Bars

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With the market demanding a Sentry bar with zero backsweep/upsweep Tilt decided it was time to make a Hybrid bar that combined the Scout bars with the Sentry bars that still had its unbeatable durability. The idea behind this type of bar isn’t just style. The radii near the weld decreases the effects of the sharp stress point on T-bars. Tilt tested over 40 different simulations to determine the strongest theoretical shape, and the resulting smooth bends set the TILT bars aside from the competition. The radii and heat-treat process make this the strongest bar they make. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Standard size with no slit
  • 23" W X 27" H (584mm W x 285mm H)
  • 0° Backsweep / 0° Upsweep
  • Standard 1-1/4" Steer Tube (31.8mm)
  • Heat-treated 4130 Cro-moly
  • 3D Formed Steer Tube