Sacrifice Reo Titanium T-bar

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Sacrifice Reo TI Bar | Titanium | OVERSIZED


The Reo TI bar is made from an extremely lightweight metal called titanium, Titanium is as light as aluminium but as strong as chromo. As always Sacrifice have selected the best martial available using a grade 9 Titanium. The Sacrifice Reo TI bar will weigh a crazy 680 grams, this will make the Reo Ti bar the lightest bar currently on the market. Professionally designed for the rider who demands the best the industry has to offer. The Sacrifice Reo TI bar comes with no slit, these guys are perfect for SCS compression. Oversized bars without a slit are compatible with only full size SCS as is. For HIC a slit must be installed. For IHC and mini hic a conversion kit must be purchased and a slit must be installed. Not compatible with threaded or ICS compressions.